& digital orthodontics course
A Comprehensive Mastery Course on Intraoral 
Scanning, Digital Case Set-up, 3D Printing, and 
Aligner Fabrication & Delivery
APRIL 12-13, 2019
*Seats are limited to 12 spots. 

Due to limited space, this course is being offered by invitation only. You have 48 hours to register before registration opens to our private list and then to the public. Based on previous course dates and verbal commitments, we anticipate this will sell out in less than 24 hours. Make sure to reserve your seat as soon as possible.
If you are already using digital technology in your practice and want to offer in-house aligners for mild to moderate cases but have no time to figure it out by yourself or just feel too overwhelmed to get started, this course is for you!

  • ELIMINATE OVERHEAD: Considerably reduce expenses by cutting your clear aligner lab bills.
  • STAY AHEAD OF THE GAME: In-House Lab Technology is evolving rapidly, jump in before everyone else.
  • START TREATMENT FAST: Start treatment in days (or the same day if you're a ninja), instead of waiting for weeks.
  • CONTROL EVERYTHING: Have full control of aligner cases and get the exact results you envision on your own terms.
  • STAND OUT FROM COMPETITION: Create buzz and differentiate yourself by offering your very own branded aligners.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Replace or add aligners quickly and on-demand.
  • HAPPIER PATIENTS: Sit back, relax and let those raving patients do your marketing for you.
We'll dissect scanner options, scanning best practices, as well as discuss tips and hacks to optimize your time, results, and your staff's learning curve.
We'll dive deep into case setup and all its intricacies. We'll spend a substantial amount of time with you actually setting up your own case(s) so that by the time you leave, you can do it on your own.
There are many aspects of printing that require special attention in order to achieve optimal results. We'll cover everything 3D printing from A to Z.
You'll learn dos and don'ts for in-house aligner setup and fabrication as well as how to deliver professionally branded aligners to your patients. 
1. We Stand Alone
There is simply no other course out there that offers this level of hands-on and provides attendees the opportunity to perform the entire process from scanning to software setup (with 3 different software apps) to 3D printing, packaging, and delivery.
2. We're Personal
We are limited to 12 attendees only and the course will take place in Dr. Cope's private practice, which allows for a level of instruction and participation that is unparalleled.
3. We're Objective
We’ll compare different hardware and software applications in a unbiased manner so you can decide what's best for your practice.
 You must have a comprehensive understanding of orthodontic biomechanics with at least 2 years of full-time orthodontic practice and advanced training.
 You must have an advanced understanding of aligner attachment design and placement during the treatment of full aligner cases. We'll dive deep into some subjects that will require you to be on your game.
 You'll be required to bring your own Windows computer meeting the minimum specifications for the Windows software used. Don't worry,  specific details of the software installation will be sent to you in advance of the course. We won't have time to offer any IT technical support or software installation troubleshooting, so you'll need to have your computer setup and ready to go.
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From TADs to TECH
Internationally acclaimed for his pioneering research and clinical techniques on TADs, Dr. Jason B. Cope is also widely known for being a perfectionist, not only for his orthodontic cases, but for everything he does. Although his name is synonymous with TADs, he was also one of the first orthodontists to implement digital technology into his practice and to deliver a turnkey solution to in-house aligners and indirect bonding. He's also a key leader in helping develop digital products and software available in orthodontics today.

Dr. Cope has spent the last two and half years perfecting the digital workflow of intra-oral scanning, digital case setup, 3D printing, and fabrication/delivery of in-house aligners and indirect bonding trays. Dr. Cope wasn't overly interested in clear aligner treatment until he felt that he could truly control every aspect of treatment and his final results. With an in-house digital workflow, that time is now.

His digital learning curve came with lots of expense and trial and error, and he wants to keep you from hitting the wall by attempting to learn the process from scratch. He uses his experience to help you to quickly incorporate digital orthodontics in your office while avoiding the mistakes he made.

During this course, Dr. Cope will show you what he considers the best in technology available and the most user-friendly software. He'll also show you how to streamline your workflow in the most seamless manner possible so you can achieve consistent results without the frustration of the usual learning curve.
Dr. Cope received his dental training at Baylor College of Dentistry - DDS (‘95), orthodontic certificate (‘97), and PhD (’99) in bone biology. He is currently on faculty in the Orthodontic Departments at Texas A&M College of Dentistry, St. Louis University,  and Kyung Hee University School of Dentistry. He has published 32 journal articles, 37 book chapters, co-edited a textbook on distraction osteogenesis, and self-published a 500 page textbook OrthoTADs: The Clinical Guide and Atlas. He is an ad hoc reviewer for every major American peer-reviewed orthodontic journal. He has given over 300 lectures internationally and nationally. He is Board Certified, a full member of the SW component of the Angle Society, and a fellow in the American College of Dentists.

You'll implement everything you learn immediately through our hands-on, step-by-step processes to help you integrate the digital workflow and start making in-house aligners in your practice right away.
Overview of the software and hardware necessary to successfully implement your own digital workflow, including a discussion of the major and minor players in each category.

Each participant will perform or experience all aspects of the digital workflow from scanning to delivering aligners to patients.

All participants will use 3 different software applications to setup their own cases for retainers and aligners and create print-ready files.

All phases of aligner fabrication will be demonstrated - Etch templates, attachment templates, template loading, and packaging.

We'll troubleshoot and discuss as we go through each step. You'll learn invaluable tips and hacks that we've learned from day-to-day experience.
During the course, attendees will: 
- Team up in pairs to scan each other using intraoral scanners and submit their scan to their own in-house lab. 

- Use their own STL files to setup their cases in each of several
ways. A) Using a browser-based software to submit, manage, and track their lab prescription to their in-house lab; manage their digital workflow; trim, base, and label STL files for 3D printing. B) Using two Windows-based software programs for in-house aligner setup with attachment design, basing, and labeling the files.  

- Several of these cases will then be sent to the 3D printer for model printing and subsequent clear retainer or aligner fabrication. 

- Finally, we'll package and deliver aligners/retainers clinically. 
 Food & Beverages: Food & Beverages will be provided; continental breakfast, lunch, & snacks.
 Course Materials: A fully digital course Manual full of tips, tricks, and hacks to make your learning curve flatter
Accountability: Access to our Secret OrthoEd Facebook group
 Celebration Dinner: On Friday, we'll have our traditional Celebration Dinner at Dr. Cope's favorite restaurant.
 14 ADA CERP CE Credits: 7 Lecture + 7
 FREE BONUSES: Did you really think we'd spoil the surprises?
Upon course completion, the participants should understand the basic benefits and fundamentals of digital orthodontics; perform the process of intraoral scanning; understand the workflow of sending STL files to the various software applications for case setup; perform a digital case setup in tooth movement software; appreciate how to create print-ready files; understand how to implement 3D printing in an orthodontic office setting; troubleshoot potential 3D printing problems; perform clinical delivery of clear retainers and aligners.

"Jason is an amazing clinician and teacher. He has the uncanny ability to meld the science and clinical application of orthodontics and present even the smallest details in such a way that the attendees can put it to work in their own practice come Monday morning."

Dr. Adam Schulhof

"Jason has always pushed the advancement of the science and art of orthodontics, while passionately staying true to its core. His teachings have fundamentally made me a better clinician over the years, and furthermore have had a significant impact on my diagnostic and clinical efficiencies."

Dr. Maz Moshiri
Only ONE IN-HOUSE ALIGNER CASE easily pays for the tuition of this course and more!
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And Get Notified of New Course Dates before Registration is Officially Announced! 
And Get Notified of New Course Dates before Registration is Officially Announced! 
Once notifications are sent, seats are available on a first come, first served basis. Based on previous course dates, we anticipate new dates will sell out in less than 24 hours to the members of our Priority List alone. So, please add your name and address below and make sure to reserve your seat as soon as possible once you receive a new course notification.
The instructor reports no financial interest in the products or companies discussed in the course as of the date of this publication.

Due to limited space, this course is being offered by invitation only. You have 48 hours to register before registration opens to our wait list and then to the public. Based on previous course dates and verbal commitments, we anticipate this will sell out in less than 24 hours. Make sure to reserve your seat as soon as possible.

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